Protecting yourself while operating a forklift: three things you must do

January 14, 2014

Safety when operating a forklift must always be a priority. Although its operation is somewhat different than a car, driving risks are basically the same. You want to be sure that you and others are protected from mishaps. There are still large numbers of accidents reported every year where heavy machinery has been involved. Some precautions will help you avoid adding to these statistics.

  1. Before driving, take the time to check the surrounding space for objects that have become out of place or people who have entered the area.
  2. Wear all the protective clothing and accessories you have for this purpose. Boots, gloves, hardhats, and other items can greatly lessen your chance of injury.
  3. Keep your license current, and follow the procedures outlined in your safety course forklift certification requires this instruction, and you can view all the information that you need in just over an hour. The low cost of $38 makes the legal compliance both affordable and convenient. The daily inspection checklist gives you the assurance that your truck is in good order before you begin work. Overturns and dropped objects account for many of the incidents that occur. This curriculum tells you how to maintain the balance of the loads carried on the tines and of the machine itself. Your accreditation expires at three years, so be sure to take your refresher class for renewal. You can even do this at home in your spare time at your computer or on your Smart phone.

Operating an industrial vehicle can be a very enjoyable and incredibly useful job. Satisfaction ranks high among forklift employees. Keep the wellbeing of you and your coworkers in mind as you perform your skill.

We are here to cheer you on, offer helpful pointers, and assist you in obtaining your documentation easily, efficiently, and economically.