Why buy a separate certification for each employee or pay someone to come in and teach your drivers? You can Certify an Unlimited number of Forklift Operators and Meet OSHA Regulations with our Complete Step-by-Step System. Other kits try and limit the number of students you can certify by sending you a limited number of pre-printed cards and certificates. We give you easy to use computer templates with no limits so you can train your own operators.

OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.178 requires employers to establish
and implement a forklift training and certification program.


  • Numbered Step-by-Step instructions guide you through the entire Training process
  • A Complete Four Module Train-The-Trainer Course For your Instructor – (a $95 Value)
  • Instant-Download PLUS We Will Mail You All the Material on a CD
  • An Easy to Follow Driver Presentation Covering OSHA Rules and Regulations
  • Print Unlimited Student Practice Quizes
  • Print Unlimited Forklift Operator Exams and Key
  • Print Unlimited Forklift Operation Certificates with our Easy to Use Template
  • Print Unlimited Combustion and Electric OSHA Required Daily Inspection Checklists
  • All Templates Provided in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Formats
  • All Presentations are Provided in PDF and PowerPoint Formats

All this for $299 Today

OSHA Forklift Safety Violations Start at $7,000 Per Operator*


Forklift Operators from these organizations trust us for their Forklift Certification

Our comprehensive system will guide you through the process of training the evaluator and your employees. Print customizable Forklift Certificates and License Cards immediately upon course competition. You can also print the PowerPoint Presentations, Safety Regulations and Rules Reports, Field Tests, Checklists and all the other included materials.

Our Forklift Certification is good in all of North America!

Who Can Teach Forklift Safety?

OSHA states that Powered Industrial truck safety will be taught “by persons who have the knowledge, training, and experience to train powered industrial truck operators and evaluate their competence. On the job you or a competent operator that has passed the included Train-The-Trainer Course (a $95 value) will administer a forklift driving test to complete OSHA requirements for safe forklift operation on the equipment your operators use. They do not have to be currently certified by any outside body, they just need to have knowledge, experience, and been previously trained to operate forklifts.

Meets OSHA Requirements

The materials in our course meet all OSHA Powered Industrial Truck requirements.

Easy As 1 – 2 – 3

  1. Employees review the training material you present.
  1. Your employees takes the test.
  1. When they pass you can instantly print out their Forklift Certificate and Forklift Operator License Cards.

Insurance Rates

Insurance companies often reward companies with well documented safety programs with lower rates. Don’t decide now… Access the entire US Forklift Certification course Risk Free View the entire system and all of the included materials risk free. If the information in the course isn’t exactly what you need — we’ll cheerfully refund your money.

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*Remember – OSHA can fine your company between $7,000 and $70,000 for each person operating a forklift that you can’t prove has been forklift safety certified in the last 3 years. Do you have the proof you need?