You just got forklift certification; here’s what to do next

September 26, 2013

Aren’t you proud of yourself? You just took an online course forklift certification and got your license in just over an hour. The short multiple choice questionnaire was easy because the instructive slide show gave you all the information you needed. Your passing grade qualified you to go ahead and print your credentials on the spot. You learned how to maintain and inspect your truck to ensure everything is in good working order. You did all this for only $38 on the secure website.

Now that you have the documentation, what do you need to know? First, your accreditation will be accepted even if you move within all the United States, Canada, or Mexico. Wherever you choose to work within those countries, it can go with you. You do not have to renew before three years. That gives you lots of latitudes to locate that dream job. Your value as an employee has just gone up a notch now that you have added a new competence.

Your comprehensive educational video covered the regulations of OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to help you to operate your vehicle according to tried and true standards that assist in avoiding accidents. You and your fellow workers will feel more confident in your driving capabilities. Your employer can do an onsite evaluation of your maneuvering skills to follow up now that you have completed the forklift certification training. You will gain experience as you put your knowledge into practice at your workplace.

Tell your boss, your friends, your family, and your coworkers about your forklift certification. They can share in the pride of your accomplishment. If you know anyone who would also benefit from the convenience and rewards of the class, tell him to log on today and get a same-day certificate.