Why You Can Prefer the Forklift Over a Minivan

March 26, 2014

Forklift certification has advantages you possibly have never considered. For example, heavy machinery is a key factor for the smooth transfer of goods in shipping, warehousing, and building nearly everywhere. However, when you compare its benefits to those of your family vehicle, the assets of the lift become glaringly evident.

First, what can you do with a minivan? You might pile all the kids in the rear and go on a month long educational cross-country vacation.  For a real sense of accomplishment, you could haul the week’s accumulation of garbage to the local recycling facility with the windows rolled down, while the gorgeous blonde stopped at the traffic light next to you holds her nose. You can go on a Sunday joy ride on curving rural roadways at a speed of 35 mph amid screams of “She’s looking at me”, validating your dexterous ability for handling the vehicle in a chaotic situation.

By contrast, what will you be able to do with an industrial truck? You can deftly cruise across the parking lot at work while everyone gapes in amazement at your finesse. You may proudly move an entire warehouse of valuable inventory in less than a week without breaking a sweat. You could simply bask in the peace and contentment of rapport with your machine as it happily purrs along the aisles, oblivious to the rainy day outside. You and your area driver buddies would have a blast at a weekend competition where lifts are exhibited in friendly games demonstrating master performances of skill and safety. You gain appreciation, admiration, and expertise. As for the minivan, well, you have a minivan.

With forklift certification, you can have the best of both worlds. Get your 3 year license certification to operate for just $38 in the speedy but comprehensive safety course, meeting all federal requirements. At U. S. Forklift Certification, we aim to help you get your accreditation seamlessly.