What do forklifts do at night when no one is around?

November 23, 2013

The tabloids and everybody’s brother want to know the answer to the ages old philosophical question: If an industrial truck moves in the night and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? This is a problem for which even your forklift certification  has not given you a solution.

You, as well as many other intelligent and sensible drivers, have returned to your vehicle one morning with the sworn opinion that it was in a different spot than where you left it the day before. Sadly, having no one in whom to confide, some of these operators went about their daily routines questioning their own sanity. Surely their beloved equipment was not capable of such an act of betrayal.

You think back to that special day when you logged on to the forklift certification website and watched your first educational safety video. It only cost you $38, and you still have the original printed documentation framed and hanging on your wall. In less than two hours, you had earned your license and were ready to enter the wondrous world of heavy machinery.

As you continue to ponder the burning question, you notice an aged gray machine, an ancestor of current models that have been retired for some time. It is so ancient that you would not be surprised to find a very long wiry beard dangling from the lift. If this one could only talk, imagine the stories it could tell. Wait a minute. There is a pink truck parked unlawfully close to yours. For a moment, your vehicle appeared to be wrapping its lift around the intruder.  Machines can’t put the moves on other machines. You’ll know the truth when you find a pint-sized one parked between them someday.