The proper way to test for forklift certification

December 11, 2013

It is the evening before you will take the test for your forklift certification. You have wanted to drive one of those industrial trucks since you were a tadpole. Now that the opportunity is within sight, you are going to have to pass an evaluation. You envision a lengthy discussion question exam. Your life flashes before your eyes. You begin to break out in a cold sweat. You experience waves of nausea. You know you need to cram for that quiz tonight, but how will you begin to study for it when you’ve never driven a lift? Temporary insanity has overtaken you.

Before you suffer a fainting spell, you need to know that there is a better way. Take deep slow breaths while you learn about an alternative: online instruction. There will still be a questionnaire at the end, but it will be only twelve multiple-choice items. No cramming necessary. No sweat. No joke. You can do this with the great video preparation that you view online. In only about an hour, you will watch an interesting slide presentation regarding safe means of navigating and operating a lift.

You can even retake the brief questionnaire if you don’t get a passing score right away. When you successfully accomplish your mission, you can select the option to download your accreditation on the spot so you can proudly display your achievement. An additional copy will arrive soon in your mailbox.

Your forklift certification will be able to go with you anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for the next three years.

The entire process will only cost you $38. You can pay it securely, too, as the website is encrypted.

So remain calm and enjoy your lesson. Just don’t tell anyone you had a panic attack before you found out how easy this really is.