The Importance of Forklift Training

October 2, 2012

In a business that employs forklift drivers, you know the importance of training certifying employees. The reason for this training is to help an employee become a qualified operator with the knowledge and skills to safely use the device. This can be a dangerous machine if not operated carefully and with skill. With the various types, it is very important each employee is trained properly on the actual type he will be using where employed.

This training can either be provided by an in-house instructor or an external trainer. The trainer will issue a certificate, or other documentation, including your name and the date of your training. This training should include specific work-related topics such as pedestrian traffic, hazardous material locations, proper ventilation, proper use of ramps, surface conditions, load stability, and any other work related items specific to the business. It should also include FL specific information such as the instruments and controls, steering, unit capacity, stability, engine operation, visibility, fork operations, and limitations, maintenance, battery charging and fueling, and any other information covered in the operations manual.

When selecting your employees to be trained, keep in mind that they should be over the age of 18 and have the mental and physical abilities to perform the job. It is the employers responsibility to monitor the performance of their operators in order to assess whether a refresher course is required. If there is an accident, or an employee is seen driving the vehicle in an unsafe manner then it’s time for them to re-certify. Each employer must also re-certify its operator’s drivers every three years.

Drivers are always in demand. There are many employment opportunities that require FL certification. You can find employment as a driver in distribution centers, warehouses, lumber yards, grocery stores, home improvement stores and recycling facilities. Employers are more likely to hire those who have taken the initiative to complete a training program and receive their certificate. The only way to become a driver is to go take the course and learn the skills and safety requirements needed for this career choice.