The easiest part of online forklift certification was the test

September 30, 2013

You may already know that forklift certification is mandatory for drivers of these vehicles. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates this to promote hazard avoidance. Meeting this requirement, however, is quite simple with the help of a fast but informative forklift online course.

Just $38 and a quick secure checkout provides you with the educational slide show, the qualifying test, and upon receiving a passing grade, a downloadable license. The instructions are detailed but user-friendly. A practice quiz makes the final one a breeze. You can even retake it if you need to do so, at no extra cost.

There is no classroom to go to and no appointed time that you have to devote to wading through a dull lecture. As convenient as the computer class is, it delivers the entire curriculum you need to be fully compliant with legal standards. A daily inspection form will be available for printing, and maintenance will be covered. You will learn to properly handle the lift, and common risk situations will be presented with solutions to prevent accidents and injuries. Your forklift certification license can be satisfied in less than two hours.

The documentation will cover you for three years and is just as well recognized in Canada and Mexico as it is throughout the United States. This means that if you should move, you won’t have to worry about redoing the process just because you relocated within those countries. This will enhance your employment opportunities and allow you to put a new skill on your résumé.

You have nothing to fear if you don’t like exams. It was all easy as pie, but the twelve-question multiple choice test was actually the easiest. Log on today, enroll and see for yourself.