Ride into the sunset forklift style

November 26, 2013

Did you ever wonder if forklift certification might encourage you to hang up your spurs for a hardhat? Driving an industrial truck can be more fun than herding cattle. It doesn’t require a branding iron. It is iron. Actually, it’s steel. You can saddle up after an overnight battery charge and be ready to ride. If you happen to enjoy rodeos, then there are even professional competitions for those who have mastered the heavy machinery.

Getting your credentials to operate is really simple, too. You can take the course online in less than two hours. Just register on the secure website, and for the price of $38, you will receive excellent safety training certification in the format of a slide presentation. This will be followed by a short quiz consisting of twelve multiple-choice questions. As soon as you achieve a passing score on the test, you can click to print your license. You won’t even have to break a sweat. Even if you roam all over your license the United States, Canada, and Mexico, your forklift certification will be good for all of these places for three years. The curriculum fully satisfies the legal requirements of the federal government, and your overseer can administer a performance evaluation after you practice maneuvering the vehicle at work.

After a day on the range, a spin in the warehouse looks pretty good. There are no outlaws in there, either. So if you think the pastures might be a little greener in new territory, forklift certification is a practical skill that can be used in all kinds of terrains: shipyards, hardware stores, superstores, and building sites. This can really expand your horizons. There’s the added bonus that you likely won’t have to watch out for cow patties in your path anymore.