Is My Michigan Forklift Certification Good in Other States?

May 3, 2014

forklift certification in MichiganIf you obtained your forklift certification in Detroit, Michigan then you may be under the assumption that you will have to stay put. When you move, you have to get a new driver’s license. So, won’t you need to get a new operator’s license as well? The good news is that you don’t. Operating licenses are good for the full three years anywhere you want to take them. That is, as long as you stay in:

The United States: You aren’t limited to just the lower forty-eight. You can go to Alaska and Hawaii as well. Imagine spending your evenings at luaus and sipping drinks from coconuts. Maybe you would rather have a chance to see the northern lights or go camping, hiking, or ice fishing in the winter. The states are the limit, or maybe not…

Canada: Our neighbor to the north also has plenty of job opportunities and with the majority of the country speaking English you should fit right in. You might even pick up a little (Canadian style) French, which you can use to impress the women back home. Of course, if the cold weather isn’t for you, then maybe you should go south of the border instead.

Mexico: That’s right, your forklift certification in Detroit can also take you to Mexico. We know that many immigrants want to come north, but maybe you should consider Mexico as more than just a nice vacation destination. The cost of living tends to be much lower than anywhere in the U.S., and you will be immersed in a very lively and vibrant culture that could really improve your Spanglish skills.

Of course, it all starts with the little piece of paper that tells employers that you know how to handle your vehicle safely. We offer an online training course that is easy, inexpensive, and totally OSHA approved, so you can get the job of your dreams in the city you really want to live in.

Is My Michigan Forklift Certification Good in Other States? | US Forklift Certification