Have you ever heard of forklift certification?

December 17, 2013

Although you have surely observed industrial trucks at work, have you ever thought about driving one? Are you aware that federal law requires forklift certification to promote safety? While it is important to know this, the regulations can be easily met with a short online course.

The instructional video meets all OSHA forklift certification mandates and can be completed in a little more than an hour. You can even access it by Smart phone, enabling you to take the class any time of day or night. The slide show will demonstrate ways to avoid malfunctions and accidents from falling objects, collisions, or overturns. You will be prepared before a risky situation presents itself, and you’ll know how to circumvent a mishap.

The site is secure, keeping your information safe, and the cost is minimal: just $38. That’s about the same price you’d spend for an evening out with a date, but it could help to secure your future with a great practical skill.

When you finish watching the educational movie, there will be practice questions and a qualifying exam. The test, however, is short and simple with only twelve multiple choice items. A 70% score is all you need to earn you your forklift certification, and you can print the proof of fulfillment on the spot. Your boss can give you a driving evaluation at your job after you have had the opportunity to practice with the machinery.

Your documentation is valid for three years everywhere in the United States. It is also accepted in Mexico and Canada.

If you have never heard of licensing to operate a lift, then you may be amazed at the simplicity of the eligibility process. Shipyards, warehouses, and both private and government license construction sites employ these vehicles, making their applications numerous and indispensable.