Forklift Operators – It’s Still a Man’s World

December 4, 2012

In the field of forklift operators it’s still a man’s world. In a recent survey of over 2000 operators that took the safety test with, it was determined that a staggering 96% were men. This begs the question of why? The skills required for operators make female drivers just as capable of doing the job as male drivers. Some of the qualifications for drivers are generally having strong organizational skills as much of the work involves moving and rearranging objects in a warehouse setting. Drivers should also feel comfortable working with others and have great communication and interpersonal skills. These skills are something women already have of or can easily and effectively acquire. According to, the average FL salary listed is approximately $25,000 for operators per yr. based on a 40 hr work week. Experienced operators can earn much more. A good salary for both men and women alike.

Women are increasingly becoming a bigger part of warehousing. Being an operator may not be first to come to mind for women but with many companies offering benefits such as health care, paid vacations and holidays, insurance and retirement plans it’s a job worth considering. Also since many warehouses operate 24/ there is an opportunity to work just evening or weekend shifts. There is even a forklift yahoo group dedicated to female drivers with the following description “This is a club for female training forklift drivers, made by a female forklift driver. Men are also welcome too. But I made this site to honor us girls who dare to do this somewhat dangerous job”.

If there are women considering a career in this field, they should familiarize themselves with FL operation and safety. Operating this equipment can be hazardous, so proper knowledge of safety techniques is imperative and required by OSHA. Taking a safety training class and passing the written portion of their safety certification can show a potential employer they have taken an initiative. While not all companies will hire an inexperienced driver, there are plenty that realize everyone has to start some where and will bring a motivated applicant in and train them.

We provide safety training materials and testing for the written exam portion of the safety certification required by OSHA. We also provide certification cards and certificates with the driving test being administered by the employers’ supervisor. We offer both the training and testing certification online or through a kit that is administered by the company.