Forklift Certification: Why You Need It

May 23, 2013

If you work on an industrial or construction job, chances are you have heard that you need to be certified in order to operate a forklift. This may seem like a silly requirement, but it is in place for a good reason.

According to OSHA, or the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there were a reported 4,609 workers that lost their lives on the job in 2011. This averages out to about 13 deaths per day. While these accidents are due to a variety of reasons, OSHA is doing as much as they can to try to bring these numbers down, which is why they require forklift certification.

To encourage employers to adhere to the certification rule, there are laws in place. If an employer is found using uncertified employees to run a forklift, they will receive heavy fines. Most employers want to avoid these fines, which means you may miss out on a job if you do not have the credentials you need.

These vehicles are a heavy piece of machinery, and their improper use can easily result in injuries to yourself, others, or property. In your training material, you will learn how to safely operate a forklift, including all OSHA requirements for safety. You will also receive a daily inspection checklist, so you can be sure the vehicle you are using is fit for operation.

Your forklift certification course will last for 3 years. For those who are looking to renew online licenses, the online program is particularly convenient because it is just a matter of reading, testing, and having your employer conduct a field test to verify you are still qualified.

So if you want to become more valuable to your employer, or you are just looking to keep your credentials current, you should check out our online program at It is simple, convenient, and you can be done and certified in a very short period of time.