Forklift Certification: What to Expect

August 3, 2013

When it comes to driving a forklift license certification, it is required that you get your certificate. So what can you expect from a training and certification course?

Any certification course will cover the basic information for safe operation. This includes a simple maintenance checklist, an overview of the different types of vehicles, and best practices for safely driving and operating a lift. If you are attending a traditional course, such as those offered at local trade schools, then you will also get some hands-on training and discussion time as well.

Once you have covered all of the course material, you will need to pass two tests. The first test is a written test and it will test your knowledge of the material you just went over. You will be able to print a copy of your certificate immediately after passing this. Then, you will move on to the driving test, which will be administered by your boss or another qualified driver. Once you have passed both tests, then your certification is complete.

You will also get a wallet-size certification card to carry, and a sticker version for your hardhat. This makes it easy to prove that you are compliant with the laws when OSHA comes for an inspection.

Your credentials will last for three years. If you are trying to renew your credentials, you may find that online classes are easier, more convenient, and cheaper than traditional classes.

Getting certified is not difficult, expensive, or time-consuming, but the benefits are numerous. If you are looking to get into this industry, then getting certified is a good first step.