Forklift Certification: Top 10 Reasons Why You Need It

December 7, 2013

Here are the top 10:

  1. It is required by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) if you want to become an operator.
  2. The comprehensive instructions for maneuvering the vehicle will help to keep you and bystanders safe from accidents and injuries. The video will demonstrate methods to avoid overturns and falling objects: common causes of mishaps.
  3. It is a great practical skill to enhance your list of competencies on your résumé.
  4. Industrial trucks are used in so many industries and locations that increase your likelihood of developing the ability. Just recall all the warehouses, shipping docks, and construction sites where you have seen these machines working.
  5. Forklift certification is easy to obtain. The qualifying test is short and simple, and the preparation is excellent. If necessary, you can even retake it for a higher score at no extra fee.
  6. It is not expensive at only $38 for the online forklift course. Your satisfaction is also guaranteed.
  7. It is not time-consuming. In just over an hour, you can watch the entire educational slide show, pass your quiz, and print your document.
  8. It is so convenient to be able to take the class whenever and wherever you choose, with your desktop, laptop, or Smart phone. You will not need to sacrifice salaried hours to do this.
  9. Your accreditation is usable just about everywhere: throughout the United States, in Mexico, and in Canada.
  10. The license does not have to be renewed for three years from the time you get it unless an accident necessitates a license refresher course.

With all these amazing incentives, you will surely want to make this a goal to achieve.