Forklift Certification Made Easy

August 3, 2013

At one time there was only one way to get your forklift certification inspection: find a class and rearrange your schedule to accommodate it. While this is still a valid way to earn your certificate, there is a better option for those who have experience driving these vehicles or are just looking to renew their license.

Online certification provides a quick and convenient way to accomplish this formerly aggravating task. If your credentials are about to expire, just find an OSHA approved online certification course and you can get started.

Most online courses can be completed within an hour or two, which is a vast improvement over the six-hour class you formerly were required to attend. All the study material is available online. Once you have gone over the material, the written test only takes about two minutes to complete, and then you are nearly ready to go. (Seriously – our test is just 12 multiple-choice questions.)

In order to complete your certification, you will still need to pass a driving test. Once you have passed the written test, information will be sent to your employer, who will be responsible for notifying the company of the driving test results. Once the we receive notification that you’ve passed, we’ll send you an electronic confirmation of your certification, which you can then print out.

Imagine going home one day, taking the online course that evening, and coming to work the next day ready to take the driving test and get back to work. Almost no time will be lost in the process, so you don’t have to worry about this process interrupting your work schedule.