Forklift certification 101: here’s the scoop

November 21, 2013

You want to get qualified to drive industrial trucks. You just don’t know what is involved in obtaining forklift certification. Perhaps you have heard that you have to take a class and a test. Relax and savor the good news: this is going to be easy.

There was a time when a technical school curriculum might have been required. There would have been a course registration, a hefty fee, the drive to a campus, and the boring prospect of at least a lecture or two. Today’s computer age has changed all that. Now you can log on whenever you’d like and watch an interesting slide show demonstrating safe methods for operating your vehicle so as to avoid overturns or object drops. Federal law mandates that you understand these measures to protect you and your coworkers from accidents and injury. Following the video, a qualifying questionnaire will determine your eligibility for credentials.

Perhaps you are the type who hoped to leave all testing behind from old school-days. If you are inclined to have sweaty palms and general anxiety over the very idea, then you will be elated to know that you will not have to stay up late the night before and cram for this exam. There are only a dozen multiple-choice questions and you will receive samples for practice prior to taking the quiz. What’s more, you can even redo it if you don’t pass right away. You can actually kick back and enjoy the lesson.

You can print your license, if you wish, upon successful completion. The whole process takes less than two hours and will only cost you about $38. You will be accredited for three years in all fifty states, in Canada, and in Mexico.

That was so much simpler than you ever imagined. Try not to brag too much about your achievement.