Does an Online Forklift Certification Course meet OSHA’s requirements?

August 16, 2013

An online Forklift Certification Course not only meets the regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, but it also offers many desirable advantages over sacrificing a day of work to attend a class at different Forklift location. Your credentials will be good for three years and is effective in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The course will identify a wide variety of gas and electric industrial vehicles, their operation and maintenance, and safe driving recommendations for different surfaces. The subject of balance for the forklift, avoidance of tipping accidents, and the practice of loading and elevating the lift will be fully explained, with safety precautions for the operator and coworkers as the primary consideration.

Our comprehensive course educates the operator regarding the necessary guidelines and regulations established by OSHA. The driver will be trained to identify possible safety hazards and learn troubleshooting solutions to common safety risks. The course will also provide the required daily inspection checklist. All of the important documents and lists will be readily available to the applicant for download.

Operators will receive their fully compliant certification in a printable format immediately after passing the test, as well as in the form of a mailed certificate. A hardhat sticker will also provide the proud notification of the completion of valuable training and necessary certification.

Companies can avoid costly penalties and fines, knowing their drivers are fully compliant, capably trained, and properly certified.

A long list of respected companies and organizations has confidentially utilized our online program and the benefits of training for their employees,  no less because of our full money-back guarantee. The convenience, time savings, affordability, and secure online payment all combine to make online training a very attractive and OSHA accepted option.