Do forklifts come in pink?

October 11, 2013

You may be wondering if there are any pink forklifts. A lot of operators have daydreamed of driving a horse (truck) of a different color. Here is a key to some of those fantastical imaginings:

OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) does have a few requirements regarding how the paint job is done. For example, performance approval marks and safety information must remain intact and legible. You still need to avoid accidents while sporting your awesome new pigment.

Of course, you can get your forklift certification to fit any mindset. It’s easy to do and will meet all government standards regardless of your inspiration. Sign up for the computer course, pass the brief test, and get licensed in under two hours. Only $38 buys your ticket to ride. The class will take you through some instructional slides that will explain all you need to know for the secure operation of your wheels, along with tips to avoid hazards. You’ll be able to inspect your vehicle for problems before setting out. A downloadable checklist will serve that purpose daily. After successful completion of the twelve exam questions, you can even print your documentation.

Your dream machine is waiting for you. Just for the record, forklifts are available in pink. Some even benefit cancer awareness. How is that for serving more than one good purpose?