Approaching the topic of forklift certification from step 1 to step 5

September 11, 2013

The subject of forklift certification is vital to your company, since this licensing is necessary to fulfill Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. With online instruction and testing, it doesn’t have to be a headache at all. Five easy steps will get your drivers trained and certified:

  1. Register your company so your employees can log on and take the course. Costs are minimal, only about $38 per applicant, and you can ensure that all of your workers are compliant. There are discounts for multiple enrollees. Checkout is quick and payment is secure.
  2. Sign up each operator with their own user name and password so they can each do the class at their convenience.
  3. Participants log in individually as their time allows. One of the greatest benefits of web learning is that class can be attended anytime and anywhere without having to wait on other applicants.
  4. Each student will proceed with the computer curriculum and quiz. The entire educational video takes about an hour to watch and the final questions require only a few minutes to answer. Trainees will be informed of all important guidelines, regulations, and safety procedures. Accident avoidance and vehicle maintenance will be covered. A daily inspection checklist will also be included. A practice questionnaire will prepare users for the final dozen multiple-choice questions. There will be the option to retake until a passing grade is achieved without further charge.
  5. Download and print forklift certification immediately following the successful completion of the exam. Additional cards will be mailed.

Avoid penalties and fines and reduce risk of accident and injury by enrolling your personnel.