A Card For Your Birthday: Tell Grandma to Save Her $50 and Give You $38 Instead

April 5, 2014

Yes, a card is all you want, but a very special kind: you’re seeking forklift certification. Why the $38? That’s what it will cost for your online course and license. Grandma will be giving you a gift that can facilitate your career plans. You only have to sign up, send the fee securely on the site, pass a short questionnaire, and your documents will be available for downloading. You can even show her the results the same day you receive your present. You’ll both be pleased. In fact, the training program certification guarantees your satisfaction.

The format for the safety education is visual. The presentation will include such important subjects as inspecting the parts of your truck daily for issues and handling the vehicle so as to avoid mishaps. The material fulfills the legal requirement for proper education and accreditation. It is easy to understand and there will be a review. In little more than an hour, you will be ready to answer the twelve questions that enable you to become qualified to operate a lift.

Once obtained forklift certification is in effect for three years nearly everywhere you might choose to work: all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The industrial equipment you’ve been dreaming of driving since childhood is getting closer. Present your new credentials to your employer, and with permission, you can start practicing checking your machine to see that it is in good condition, adjusting the fork for various loads, and navigating around the warehouse. Your careful observation and preparation will be useful each day. Your time and your Grandmother’s money will be well invested. Rely on U. S. Forklift Certification to help you with your mission.