5 things that forklift operators must always do

December 19, 2013

There are certain steps that forklift operators must take each day to avoid mishaps. These will be repeated so often that they become second nature to the skilled employee. Limiting injuries is the main focus of the OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) legal obligation for licensing.

  1. Check the space where you will be driving. Look for materials that may be obstructing your navigation zone. An unanticipated object could cause balance problems for your truck. Remove any item that may have fallen into the territory.
  2. Inspect your vehicle. This should be done daily before you begin operation. Make sure your machine is in tiptop shape for optimum performance and safety. All of the working parts should be functioning well. Use your checklist to be assured you don’t omit any controls. If you are interrupted during the inspection, you will also know exactly which features are yet to be checked when you return to your examination of the lift.
  3. Always take note of other individuals who enter your area of work. You want your coworkers to be protected from accidents, too.
  4. Keep your license Forklift certification must be renewed every three years, but it is recognized as a lawful accreditation in all the United States, in Canada, and in Mexico. It is easy and fast to obtain new documentation. Just register on the secure website and pay $38 for an online educational course. You can complete the instructional video, the qualifying quiz, and print the credentials in just over an hour.
  5. Remain alert at all times. An environment can change quickly, and the one person or article that could alter the outcome might arrive at any moment. A conscientious operator is constantly aware of his surroundings.

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