5 Things Only Seattle Forklift Operators Will Understand

May 5, 2014

forklift driver certificationHaving your forklift certification in Seattle is great. You have so many opportunities to use your credentials to snag great jobs, but there are some challenges as well. Here are 5 things that only someone from the great state of Washington could possibly understand:

1. You Don’t Carry an Umbrella
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That’s right, you live in one of the rainiest areas of the country, but you don’t carry an umbrella. In fact, you think umbrellas are for wimps. You can almost always tell who is from out of town by their use of those flimsy lightning rods. Not you. You’re a real local, and you wear a rain poncho while driving outside, if you bother to protect yourself from the rain at all.

2. Your Days Are Either Really Long or Really Short

During the summer, you can get up early and stay up late, and you’ll be able to enjoy the daylight the entire time. During the winter, daylight only lasts about as long as the workday, meaning you’re going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark as well.

3. You Use the Term “Sun Break.”

In this state, the sun is such an infrequent visitor that we have a special term for when it shows up. Sun breaks are infrequent but certainly welcome. The only problem is they force you to go out and buy another pair of sunglasses because you can’t find the ones you bought during the last sun break.

4. You Can Accurately Pronounce “Sequim,” “Puyallup,” and “Issaquah.”

Your forklift certification in Seattle can take you anywhere, and it’s good to know how to pronounce the neighboring cities. Since those cities generally have Native American names, your ability to pronounce them shows just how local you are (or aren’t).

5. You’re an Avid Coffee Drinker

When you’re in the city, there’s a Starbuck’s on every corner, and Seattle’s Best and Tully’s are nearby. With so many coffee shops around, it’s no wonder that you’re an expert on all things coffee. You’re in good company if you know the baristas at your favorite spots by name. Of course, you’ll appreciate that coffee for those winter months when it feels like you’re clocking in at the break of dawn.

So, grab a cup of your favorite brew and use that hotspot to go to US Forklift Certification to earn or renew your certificate. We make it convenient, but you and your choice of location can make it enjoyable.

5 Things Only Seattle Forklift Operators Will Understand | US Forklift Certification