3 reasons why forklift operators are happy with their job

December 13, 2013

Most workers in the transportation industry have higher than average rates of job satisfaction. Forklift operators are among those who generally enjoy their occupations. What makes this line of employment so special? Are there particular advantages to choosing this field for your career?

  1. There is a happiness factor related to practicality; to the idea that you are performing a task that is helpful to others. You experience a visible sense of accomplishment as you see items being organized or transferred to an appointed location. There is pride in the knowledge that your efforts are both necessary and appreciated. Your company relies on you to make sure the inventory is safely relocated to its proper place.
  2. Forklift certification is easy to get into and operating the machinery is not difficult to learn. You can become licensed in a little over an hour with an internet course that is fully compliant with the government standards. The slide presentation covers all the valuable information necessary to avoid accidents. You will be tested on the instruction in a simple multiple-choice exam before accessing your printable license. The test can also be retaken if you don’t manage a passing grade right away. The entire process only costs about $38 and can be conveniently done at your computer or with your Smartphone. The actual operation of the lift requires a little effort and practice. This is easily realized under the supervision of your boss.
  3. The pay is good, averaging just under $30,000 annually in the United States, and jobs are usually secure for solid businesses and competent drivers.

This is one vocation that even has an enjoyable following beyond the workday. Some areas host skill competitions to promote goodwill and enhance maneuvering abilities.

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