3 reasons to move out of your parents’ house and get certified

October 14, 2013

Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to live in your own place? So much is dependent on finances, and forklift certification can increase your prospects.

  1. If you have a solid income, you can have your own residence and your privacy. It is often difficult for adults of different generations to be in the same household. Your choices are important to you, so a space that belongs to you will give you that freedom.
  2. A secure job can give you pride and confidence in your ability to care for yourself in a constructive way. Imagine the sense of accomplishment that will come with being employed.
  3. Earning money not only provides stability, but successful financial management skills will greatly enhance your life, giving you a real sense of control over your destiny.

How do you go about getting forklift certification? For just $38, you can register for online instruction, watch the slide show, pass a short test, and print your document. All of this can be done in less than two hours at any place and time that is convenient for you.

The video has illustrative examples of how to maintain your vehicle, along with a downloadable inspection sheet. It informs you of possible hazards and suggests maneuvering strategies to help you avoid damage to the truck and injury to yourself and others. The class is fully compliant with the legal mandates of OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Your new accreditation will allow you to operate industrial machinery across the United States, in Canada, or in Mexico for up to three years. If you need to travel a little farther to obtain work, then that covers a lot of territory.

When you ride off into the sunset, perhaps you’ll be driving a lift.