3 Miami Tourist Hubs That Employ Forklift Operators

May 9, 2014

palm trees in FloridaYour forklift certification in Miami is just the ticket for getting a job at one of the local tourist hubs in the area. Options are plentiful, but here are three of the main types of areas where you will find openings:

1. Airports

Much of the tourists come in and out through the airports, making the availability of operator jobs here quite plentiful. Another great perk is the flexibility of hours. Most airports have flights leaving at all times of the day. From moving luggage to stocking the stores, there is plenty for an operator to do. Just be sure to drive carefully, as there is sure to be plenty of traffic.

2. Ports

Being an oceanside town has its perks, and one of those perks is the availability of port jobs. Whether you love being close to the ocean and smelling that salty air, or you just love to work with the large crates used for overseas transportation, this job has plenty of thrills. Beyond this, you will get to enjoy seaside dining after your shift.

3. Merchandise Warehouses

With all of the malls and stores in the area, there are sure to be a variety of warehouses to choose from. You could be transporting anything from clothes and shoes to housewares and novelty items. Most of it will probably be targeted at the tourists in the area, who love to go home with items that tell the world that they have been to the beach. Just be cautious not to damage the goods, or you could be out of a job real quick.

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3 Miami Tourist Hubs That Employ Forklift Operators | US Forklift Certification