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Forklift Certification: Making Safety the First Priority

First-rate safety training is a vital aspect of forklift certification. Accidents occur for many reasons, but careful instruction, sufficient practice, and alert driving reduce the risks. It is important not to rush or skimp on daily inspections of your equipment since a malfunction can be prevented by early detection of a potential problem. Older machines […]

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When Your Forklift is Happy, So Are You

You give yourself a gift when you earn a forklift certification course. Each time you approach your vehicle, you should conduct an inspection. Much of the routine is like that of caring for an automobile. Start by checking the oil, radiator fluid, and fuel levels. Then take a look at the battery plug and wheels. […]

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Refer to a checklist so you can stay organized

Here is a great guide for beginners It helps to get yourself organized before you begin work so you never forget how to operate your forklift certifications in an efficient manner.  It can also help to ensure that you do not forget important steps in your daily routine of operating your vehicle.

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If you need a checklist…We found one

Joyce Schwob pretty much sums it all up in her blog that can be found at: The blog gives you a great checklist for what all you need to be on the lookout for when you perform your safety inspections forklift. This can come in really handy for newly certified individuals in need of a […]