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Georgia’s economy expanded by 4.7% in 2018.
The fastest growth was registered in sectors comprising trade, transport, real estate, construction, processing units, and services.
As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2018 statistics, 4.3 million people work which makes it the 8th most populous state while being the largest in the east of the Mississippi River.
The state has the busiest airport in the world (Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport) and is a strategic hub for domestic and global commerce with offices of hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.
Food, science and technology, construction, architecture, engineering, and building are other prominent sectors that have seen significant employment growth in the past few years. As most of these sectors use powered industrial trucks, there is a growing requirement for certified operators to handle their heavy machinery and forklifts.
If you are an aspiring forklift driver who wishes to move ahead in your career path, sign up with US Forklift. With our Forklift Certification in GA, you will findthe training you need to become a skilled operator while expanding your opportunities.

OSHA Forklift Certification

Any person employed to operate a powered industrial truck needs to comply with OSHA safety standards. OSHA regulations prohibit employees under 18 years of age from driving hazardous machines like forklift trucks at the worksite. Drivers of these industrial machines need to adhere to recommended practices to avoid collisions, falling loads, or other potential hazards.

As an employer, it is then your responsibility to ensure that your workers remain safe with a forklift operator training.

Benefits of Certification for the Employer:

● Transforms a regular driver into an OSHA compliant operator
● Keeps your work environment safe
● Avoids the occurrence of unsafe incidents
● Minimizes downtime in production, thereby reducing losses
● Increases productivity in workers
● Creates proper liability management
● Avoids expensive litigations

Furthermore, non-adherence to OSHA standards not only results in penalties levied against the employer, but insurance companies may also reject claims. Besides, by getting forklift drivers certified, you avoid damage to your expensive machines.

Other reasons to choose the forklift certification course:
1. US Forklift emails your employees’ certificates directly to you for your keepsake, which will be valid for three whole years.
2. You have a trained driver on your hands in no time! With our easy-to-learn curriculum, your workers can get certified in an hour.
3. When you sign up for two or more of your employees to take the course, you save almost 25% with our platinum package!
We also offer training courses for managers and supervisors. This qualifies them to be Certified Forklift Safety Officers.

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What Makes a US Forklift TrainingAttractive

As an individual striving hard to climb new heights in your career, choosing US Forklift Certification will help you realize your dream.
Employers value you more when you are equipped with a forklift operator certificate.

Students who enroll in our online forklift certification confidently enter the industry as a competent forklift driver. As a qualified professional, prospective employers’ perception of you gets elevated. Having the necessary certifications shows that you are a proactive and law-abiding employee.
“All you need to get certified is a smartphone or computer, and the internet.”

Get a Forklift Certificate Today!

To sign up for our forklift license course, all you need to have is a computer or a smartphone and a decent internet connection.
It is true: with our course, you don’t need to wait for someone in a classroom to teach you the OSHA daily inspection checklist. You can do it from anywhere, sitting right in front of a screen.
Do it at a convenient time comfortable for you. One of the most appealing aspects of taking our course is that you can get your certificate within the hour.
Our specially designed training test helps you detect your problem areas and work on those before you take the final online test.
Learn at your own pace, and retake the test until you can clear it!

How to Obtain YourForklift License

Step 1: Complete our course and print your personalized certificate with our Instant-Print Completion Certificate, which is valid for three years.
Step 2: Hand it over to your employer and show that you are an OSHA compliant and proactive worker.
Step 3: Level up by qualifying to operate a more massive forklift.
You get instant access to all the study material 24*7. Call our toll-free number and enjoy the live phone support from Monday through Friday, from 8-5 PST.
The best part is that our certificate from Georgia is not just valid in the United States; it is also valid in Canada and Mexico.
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“Take action now- get your employees forklift certified!”

Enroll in the US Forklift Operator Certification Course Today!

Georgia is a place of opportunities, with a thriving industrial workforce. Claim your spot in the industry and increase your job prospects by getting a forklift certification. Expand your wings- work anywhere in the US, Mexico, and Canada!
Call us at (866) 556-8732 for more info.

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