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Florida, the third biggest state in the US, is the 17th largest economy in the worldwith a GDP of over $1 trillion.
The state is an economic powerhouse dominated by sectors as tourism, agriculture, aerospace, and international trade. With a predicted national annual growth to be around 0.67% by 2030, Florida’s economy may surpass that of the country by 2022.

Foreign-owned companies have created 348,800 jobs, among which 70,400 are manufacturing jobs. In Miami, the capital of the Sunshine State, the workforce around real estate, housing, construction, business services, hospitality, and health services soared to new heights in the last few years.

As the unemployment rate continues to fall, job prospects for qualified forklift drivers never looked better. With a forklift certification, your chances of getting employed in these sectors increase tremendously.

Withforklift license from US Forklift make yourself employable today!

Reasons to Get Forklift Certification in Florida

1) As a job seeker or a job holder, you may be looking for better avenues that pay you more. With our Florida forklift training course.

2) Forklifts are used in logistics, trade, shipping, marine terminals, retail, and many more industries. Florida, bordering on the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico on either side, offers abundant job vacancies for certified forklift drivers.

3) It is an industry-acknowledged fact that when business owners look to hire, they prefer a qualified forklift operator to an untrained driver. So, your forklift license gives you a competitive edge over other candidates vying for the same job.

4) As a forklift driver, you must comply with OSHA standards that need you to be above 18 years of age and possess a forklift certificate. This certificate in your name affirms that you have finished the required training to operate heavy equipment like forklifts.

5) Every year, as per the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), nearly 20,000 serious injuries happen due to forklift-related incidents. The prominent cause of forklift fatalities is improper handling of forklifts by untrained drivers. So, when you get forklift certified, you can help prevent injuries at the workplace.

Why Employers Need to Focus on OSHA Forklift Certification

Workplace incidents involving forklifts can occur due to poor handling by the drivers. These incidents pose major threats to you as an employer.

1. The safety of your workers gets compromised when the forklift overturns, or the loads fall on the pedestrian employees.

2. In case of any injuries involving your workers, you will be held liable and may face expensive lawsuits.

3. Authorities may slap significant fines against you for not complying with the OSHA safety standards.

4. The outcome of insurance claims may not be in your favor if it is proved that you have not complied with OSHA regulations.

5. Sorting out the legal issues and getting your employees and machines back on track may take some time. Loss of valuable business time results in a slump in productivity.

6. These massive machines are very expensive; so even slight negligence in operating the vehicle can cost you heavily.
“It is in your best interest to get your employees trained in forklift operation.”
Getting your workers forklift certified not only protects you from significant financial losses but also helps the forklift operators do their job more efficiently.
Furthermore, operating a forklift without proper training can be hazardous. To keep the American workers safe, the federal agency OSHA makes it compulsory for forklift drivers to undergo rigorous training.

Benefits of Online Forklift Certification from US Forklift

Online forklift certification program from US Forklift simplifies the completion of the course by removing the conventional classroom learning process.
We have replaced it with in-depth online instruction, where the students can study at their comfortable speed. The students have access to our study material 24*7 and can interact with us on our toll-free number on the weekdays.

For Employees

● Easy to relocate to any place in the US, Canada, or Mexico
● Earn more and get better job prospects
Drive forklifts legally for three years
● Enhance your skills as a forklift operator
● Get a personalized certificate
● Find places where you can learn to drive a forklift
● Qualify for higher classes of powered industrial trucks
● Get certified in one hour!

For Employers

● Improve business productivity
● Cut down losses and production delays
● Become OSHA compliant
● Get your employees’ certificate emailed to you
● Save costs on forklift repairs or replacements
● License valid for three years
Enjoy big discounts by signing up for two or more workers

Sign Up for the US Forklift Operator Certification in Florida Today!

Florida has unlimited and ever-growing opportunities for qualified forklift drivers. Enroll in US Forklift Certification with a 100% Money Back Guarantee offer!
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