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The Ultimate Advantages to Online Forklift Certification

For years, the only option for those seeking forklift certification was to request admittance to a technical school and pay a substantial course fee. A routine commute and classroom attendance was necessary. Today there is a far easier way to acquire your license. Instruction via the internet has made the requirement for proper credentials both […]

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The Evolution of the Forklift

Long before the days of industrial machinery and forklift certification, early workmen building huge and heavy structures must have longed for more advanced equipment to help them with the backbreaking job. Supplies and materials were carried by hand or simple wagons for many years. Ropes were sometimes used for hoisting objects to upper levels. Around […]

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Forklift Safety First: Be On the Lookout for These

The main reason for the federal requirement regarding forklift certification is the safety of the driver and all those within the area of operation. With about 100,000 heavy machinery accidents recorded annually, precautions can be an important step to reducing that number. Look out for falling objects. Make certain the fork has been properly adjusted […]

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Make Your Recliner Your Classroom in 3 Easy Steps

Can you imagine fulfilling course requirements and earning a license from your recliner in a matter of less than two hours? You can do just that with online forklift certification. Here’s how: Sign up for the internet class with your Smart phone or laptop. You can also use your desktop, of course, without the recliner. […]

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Skip the pizza and order your career in forklift certification tonight

Would you believe that you can launch a new career for the price of a pizza? If you have never or ever considered obtaining forklift certification, check out these facts: There are numerous places that need operators for industrial machinery. Think of the hardware stores, warehouses, construction sites, and shipyards where you have seen these […]

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3 Ways You Can Benefit from Distance Learning

Distance learning has become very popular with the advent of the internet, and training for forklift certification is now simply completed at your computer or on your Smartphone. What are the benefits of this when compared to travelling to a brick and mortar school and sitting in a classroom? The ability to access your instruction […]

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Protecting yourself while operating a forklift: three things you must do

Safety when operating a forklift must always be a priority. Although its operation is somewhat different than a car, driving risks are basically the same. You want to be sure that you and others are protected from mishaps. There are still large numbers of accidents reported every year where heavy machinery has been involved. Some […]

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Getting hired: qualities your employer wants

Forklift certification can be the beginning of a great job, but what other qualifications are employers seeking in an operator? Here are some of the traits you want to cultivate for the best chances at a solid position: You follow instructions well. This means you are a good listener, are able to recall all important […]

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Forklift theft: settings where it happens

Forklift theft is certainly most common in unenclosed and unprotected areas. Settings such as farms, open parking lots, and unattended construction sites are the most likely candidates for machine swiping. There are a number of ways you or your company can prevent these occurrences. Since the loss can be very costly, it is well worth […]

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5 things that forklift operators must always do

There are certain steps that forklift operators must take each day to avoid mishaps. These will be repeated so often that they become second nature to the skilled employee. Limiting injuries is the main focus of the OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) legal obligation for licensing. Check the space where you will be […]