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3 Things People Are Saying About Forklift Operators

Drivers and their industrial trucks have always been the subject of admiration. Bystanders have often marveled at those with forklift certification. Here are some of the things onlookers observe about operators: They are cool. Watching the vehicles zipping around aisles in a store or moving materials at building sites, perhaps the first noteworthy thought is […]

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The Ultimate Advantages to Online Forklift Certification

For years, the only option for those seeking forklift certification was to request admittance to a technical school and pay a substantial course fee. A routine commute and classroom attendance was necessary. Today there is a far easier way to acquire your license. Instruction via the internet has made the requirement for proper credentials both […]

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Make Your Recliner Your Classroom in 3 Easy Steps

Can you imagine fulfilling course requirements and earning a license from your recliner in a matter of less than two hours? You can do just that with online forklift certification. Here’s how: Sign up for the internet class with your Smart phone or laptop. You can also use your desktop, of course, without the recliner. […]

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3 Ways You Can Benefit from Distance Learning

Distance learning has become very popular with the advent of the internet, and training for forklift certification is now simply completed at your computer or on your Smartphone. What are the benefits of this when compared to travelling to a brick and mortar school and sitting in a classroom? The ability to access your instruction […]

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Getting hired: qualities your employer wants

Forklift certification can be the beginning of a great job, but what other qualifications are employers seeking in an operator? Here are some of the traits you want to cultivate for the best chances at a solid position: You follow instructions well. This means you are a good listener, are able to recall all important […]

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Have you ever heard of forklift certification?

Although you have surely observed industrial trucks at work, have you ever thought about driving one? Are you aware that federal law requires forklift certification to promote safety? While it is important to know this, the regulations can be easily met with a short online course. The instructional video meets all OSHA forklift certification mandates […]

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3 settings where forklift operators are needed

Looking for a new career? There are so many places where forklift operators are needed. Locales all over the country use heavy machinery to do the work of many individuals. Here are three of the most common areas where you will see these vehicles: Shipyards employ them for shipping and receiving goods. Warehouse associates for […]

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Forklift Certification: Top 10 Reasons Why You Need It

Here are the top 10: It is required by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) if you want to become an operator. The comprehensive instructions for maneuvering the vehicle will help to keep you and bystanders safe from accidents and injuries. The video will demonstrate methods to avoid overturns and falling objects: common causes […]

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Forklift certification online or offline

Licensing is a federal safety regulation; mandatory for all who want to operate forklift industrial trucks. There are a couple of ways that you can acquire forklift certification. Some technical schools offer a class that will earn you your credentials. Typically, you will register for scheduled lessons on campus. The fees will need to cover […]

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Forklift Certification: Online vs. Offline

Forklift Certification: Online vs. Offline When it comes to forklift certification operation, you may have heard that there are online and offline courses. The question then becomes: which one is right for you? There are pros and cons to each side, so we will examine them so you can determine which one will work best […]