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Forklift Safety First: Be On the Lookout for These

The main reason for the federal requirement regarding forklift certification is the safety of the driver and all those within the area of operation. With about 100,000 heavy machinery accidents recorded annually, precautions can be an important step to reducing that number. Look out for falling objects. Make certain the fork has been properly adjusted […]

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Make Your Recliner Your Classroom in 3 Easy Steps

Can you imagine fulfilling course requirements and earning a license from your recliner in a matter of less than two hours? You can do just that with online forklift certification. Here’s how: Sign up for the internet class with your Smart phone or laptop. You can also use your desktop, of course, without the recliner. […]

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Forklift theft: settings where it happens

Forklift theft is certainly most common in unenclosed and unprotected areas. Settings such as farms, open parking lots, and unattended construction sites are the most likely candidates for machine swiping. There are a number of ways you or your company can prevent these occurrences. Since the loss can be very costly, it is well worth […]

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5 Great Advantages of Learning to Operate a Forklift

You may think you would like to learn to operate a forklift, but you may be unaware of some of the real advantages of choosing this occupation. There is usually significant job satisfaction associated with workers in the transport industry. This field has consistently ranked high among workers who are happy with their employment. With […]

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Forklift certification 101: here’s the scoop

You want to get qualified to drive industrial trucks. You just don’t know what is involved in obtaining forklift certification. Perhaps you have heard that you have to take a class and a test. Relax and savor the good news: this is going to be easy. There was a time when a technical school curriculum […]

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Quick Facts About Being A Forklift Operator

  If you’re considering starting a career as a forklift operator, then you’re probably anxious to get a little more information about this industry. Here are some things that will be informative to you if you are entering this field for the first time, and which will also be a good refresher course for you […]

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Forklift Certification: Why You Need It

If you work on an industrial or construction job, chances are you have heard that you need to be certified in order to operate a forklift. This may seem like a silly requirement, but it is in place for a good reason. According to OSHA, or the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there were […]

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Washington Forklift Training: Seattle and Surrounding Area

OSHA requires your Seattle forklift certification to be renewed every three years. Whether you’re renewing or getting it for the first time, we can help. In one to two hours, you can have this process completed for just $38. The good news is that it doesn’t matter which Washington city you live in; the process […]

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Minnesota Forklift Certification

So you have decided to look into the guidelines for forklift certification for Minnesota. That is good news since the North Star State is thriving in the agricultural industry. You may be wondering what that means for you. If you haven’t heard, the forklift industry is looking for qualified people who have the skills necessary […]

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What is a Forklift Truck?

These trucks go by several names including forklift truck, fork truck, and lift truck. They are used to lift and move large loads. They are used in many industries such as distribution centers, warehouses, lumber yards, grocery stores, home improvement stores, and recycling facilities. This machinery has been around since 1917 and have been refined […]