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Know the OSHA requirements where you reside

It may be an older article, but it is very informative. Visit  Did you know that some models of lifts are required to carry a fire extinguisher? OSHA requirements can vary state-to-state as well as vehicle-to-vehicle. Know your regulations where you operate so that you may be compliant at all times.

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Refer to a checklist so you can stay organized

Here is a great guide for beginners It helps to get yourself organized before you begin work so you never forget how to operate your forklift certifications in an efficient manner.  It can also help to ensure that you do not forget important steps in your daily routine of operating your vehicle.

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Reasons driving a forklift can be appealing

Have you ever found yourself reminiscing over those childhood fantasies of operating heavy machinery? Has forklift certification crossed your mind? There are reasons why those who drive these trucks find it appealing. First, it’s practical. These vehicles are used in so many businesses. Productivity is increased, inventory is more easily moved and maintained, and operations […]

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Things your Momma never told you about a forklift

If heavy machinery was not a topic of dinner table conversation in your home while growing up, then maybe it’s time someone told you how forklift certification could make a difference for you. Unless your Momma was a driver herself, then you might just be missing out on a great adventure. You have probably seen […]